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To contour, or not to contour - that is the question.

To contour, or not to contour – that is the question.

I have been introducing makeup into my routine for a good two years now, and it’s largely attributed to watching male YouTubers do makeup, both casually and professionally, whom don’t seem to have an ounce of shame about it. And why would there be, right?

I first sought out makeup tutorials online years ago out of intrigue. There was a period of time when one of my sisters was asking for my input about certain makeup products, and because I hadn’t a damn clue about anything, we would end up marathoning makeup tutorials together for funsies. It became sort of a thing, which later turned into a thing on my own, that eventually lead to a very deep fondness for online makeup gurus. I was obsessed. YouTube OGs like Michelle Phan and Dulce Candy set up my admiration for the power of makeup very early on, and they showed me how much fun makeup can be to play with.

Then, K-Pop happened.

I had never paid attention to guys in makeup, but K-Pop changed that for me. Suddenly, I was seeing dudes with intense looks taking ownership of what they wore on their face, as well as being open about their skincare regimes. The word makeup took a whole new meaning the more I explored Korea and its beauty culture, and now I’ve grown quietly passionate about it.

Learning about the different methods dudes in makeup use to accomplish certain looks, or just the ways guys use makeup in their everyday routines in general is not only entertaining, but lowkey empowering.

Below are a few of my favorite guy YouTubers, some of whom occasionally post makeup tutorials, with various content sprinkled in between, while others dedicate their entire existence to the artistry. It’s great to watch how each one utilizes makeup in their own way and how far they’re willing to push the envelope.

YouTuber: SpaceRabbitx3
Why I watch: Because he’s adorable and secretly knows more about makeup than he leads on.

SpaceRabbitx3, or Quincy, isn’t a traditional beauty guru per se, or at all, but he does share makeup tutorials from time to time that I’ve found helpful and entertaining. What I like about Quincy’s videos, aside from the fact that he’s ridiculously cute, is that his tutorials aren’t complicated. They’re simple, everyday makeup looks that anyone can pull off. If you’re a guy and want to dip your toes in cosmetics, this is really the best way to start.

Best takeaway: Keep it subtle.

YouTuber: Ivan Lam
Why I watch: Because a little eye candy never hurt nobody.

Seriously. Ivan is hot. BUT he’s also really great at makeup. He recently started uploading K-Pop inspired makeup tutorials, which I’ve loved because it’s a fabulous way for him to showcase his talent beyond the everyday makeup looks he’s done in the past.

Like SpaceRabbitx3, Ivan has uploaded great makeup tutorials focusing on enhancing natural beauty. What’s great about Ivan sharing K-Pop inspired looks, especially those worn by male idols, is that, because the makeup they wear focuses heavily on the eyes, it allows for great interpretations by people trying to recreate them. EXO’s makeup is an excellent example. What Ivan does is take those looks and tones them down just enough to where they work with his normal makeup application. The end result is something pretty damn wearable by anyone.

Best takeaway: Lightly dab on your base and build from there for desired coverage.

YouTuber: Leo J
Why I watch: Because I’m waiting to learn his secret to flawless skin.

Jesus, is his skin flawless! Leo J is fairly new on YouTube, but the man knows what he’s doing. Leo J is a professional makeup artist who works with models and artists in Korea. His looks are glam as hell, and out of the bunch I have here, is the only guy who achieves that glowing dewy finish. Personally, I’m a fan of that look, although I don’t end up looking as wet as he does when I try it sometimes. That’s just a preference.

Leo J really knows his face and one of my favorite details about his videos is that he starts a few steps before the actual makeup application process. Skincare is a huge deal in Korea, so it’s only fitting to push its benefits before applying a ton of makeup on your face.

Best takeaway: Prep your skin with a killer skincare routine the night prior to wearing makeup. Your application will look amazing the next day.

YouTuber: RickyKAZAF
Why I watch: Because he’s the professional MUA best friend I never had.

Talk about a professional. RickyKAZAF is amazing. His videos are edited perfectly and the overall quality of his content is my favorite. Although I don’t understand a lick of what he’s saying – he’s a Hong Kong based makeup instructor – thanks to the way he features the products he’s using in his videos, I’m able to follow along without getting lost.

RickyKAZAF focuses a lot on Korean products and K-Pop inspired looks. He’s really good at mixing high end products with more affordable options in his tutorials, and he goes as far as to transform his entire look – wardrobe and haircut and color – to give his viewers a fully realized look that is not only inspired by someone else, but then becomes a look worth recreating all on its own. He’s truly one of the best out there for me.

Favorite takeaway: Elevate your makeup with attention to details.

YouTuber: PatrickStarrr
Why I watch: Because he’s the Beyonce of the group.

Patrick is one of the first male makeup artist I started following on YouTube. I watch everything he uploads religiously. I’ve learned nearly everything I know about full glam makeup from Patrick, and although I don’t go about my daily life with ten layers of makeup caked on my face like he sometimes does, Patrick’s YouTube tutorials are fairly easy to follow and to adjust depending on how glam you’re wanting to go.

I’ve only done a full glam look on myself once for a friend’s wedding, and I will just say that it was one of my more confidence boosting moments with makeup, and I did it following some of Patrick’s techniques.

While Patrick’s looks are generally targeted towards women, I find it amazing how well he’s known for his work in the beauty community. Patrick Starrr has come up in the world of cosmetics; a few months ago, I saw his face on a gondola inside Sephora and I screamed.

It takes courage (and a whole lot of talent) to pursue a career in makeup and be extremely successful at it, but perhaps a little more trying to do it as a dude. Thanks to guys like Patrick, there’s proof that it can be done.

Favorite takeaway: Makeup is a form of expression, so OWN IT.

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