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PatrickStarrr Continues To Slay The Game, Drops MAC Cosmetics Bop

Bitch, I'm everything.

EXTRA. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of YouTube sensation and makeup guru PatrickStarrr, who has damn near taken over the world of makeup with some of the most entertaining tutorials on the Tubes, as well as with his unabashed approach to staying true to himself as a guy in makeup.

In his next step in conquering the world (through a sweet MAC Cosmetics partnership), PatrickStarrr has dropped a music video to his first ever single, “Got The Glam”. It’s a genius tool to promote his latest collection with the brand and yet another reason to love Patrick for all his extraness.

“Why not promote this new collection in an innovative way — with the music video, with the visuals, and with a fun song?”

In a recent Billboard interview, Patrick explains that MAC has given him creative freedom to do whatever the hell he wants (within reason) as their “largest-ever male-fronted collaboration,” which not only shows how much the company understands this recent wave of boys doing makeup, but trust Patrick to carry their brand through the virality they know he can produce.

Of all the YouTube-makeup company collaborations I’ve seen come and go, Patrick’s is by far the most well organized and perfectly executed, both on a professional level and on a creative one. The music video alone not only provides a BOP, but its production-quality is legit comparable to a reasonably funded K-pop music video.

Come on, budget!

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