These Songs Are Rad: Mid-Year Special

I am the worst at keeping up with my own versions of generic blog posts, but I will make it up to you today.

Today, I bring back “These Songs Are Rad” – a monthly series I started last year, intended to recap my favorite songs from Korea – with an especially hefty list of 40ish songs. It’s crazy to say, but we have, more or less, hit the half way point of 2016. And in true celebratory fashion, I have compiled all of the raddest songs I clung to so far this year in a playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Some of these songs will have a reoccurring role on my Best Of list later in December, and some won’t, but they all are fantastic songs that deserve to be highlighted and shared. Also, because December releases are usually overlooked, I threw in a couple tracks released last year to show them some love.

As far as the genres go, you’ll find a bit of everything in here. In fact, this list is so diverse, that I had a tough time sewing them together to make any sense at all. I don’t think I did a very good job, but at least you have a good idea of the music I’ve been listened to.

If you’re an Apple Music member, you can click on this link for a complete Apple Music playlist, and for everyone else you can play them on YouTube below. Each playlist is missing a song from the other (Love X Stereo’s “Dead Beat Generation” and Singer/Songwriter Gingee’s “The Sun”), but overall I was able to find everything. If I have time, I’ll try to throw up a playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud, but I won’t make any promises.

Fair warning, this thing is super chill. And did I mention how difficult it was to put it together and have any sort of flow? The fact that I listen to idol and indie music threw a few wrenches into the process, SO HAVE FUN WITH THAT.


These Songs Are Rad: Mid-Year Special Playlist

Featured songs:
Sugardonut – Imagine, Close Your Eyes
Aseul – Give Me Five
Beenzino – Saturday (Feat. Blacknut)
Stellar – Sting
EXO – Artificial Love
Nucksal – Skill Skill Skill (Feat. DJ Wegun)
Beatfighter – Show Me
Block B – Toy
Jun Hyo Seong – Find Me
Monsta X – All In
BTS – Fire
Jambinai – They Keep Silence
HEO – Mono Sand Hill
Drug Restaurant – Mistake
Sunwoo Jung-Ah, Jung Yong Hwa – Fireworks
Hwang Chi Yeul – Without You
DEAN – 21
Lee Hi – My Star
No Brain – Whisky Blues
Standing Egg – Miss You
Idiotape – Don’t Go
DAY6 – First Time
MAMAMOO – You’re The Best
Sam Kim – No Sense (Feat. Crush)
TWICE – Cheer Up
Oh My Girl – Liar Liar
Fantastic Drugstore – From The Stars
W (Where The Story Ends) – No Lullaby for Cowgirl (Feat. Whale)
10cm – What The Spring??
KittiB – Doin’ Good (Feat. Verbal Jint)
Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance
GIRIBOY – Space Flight 2 (Feat. Lazy Bones)
NCT U – The 7th Sense
Jung Joon Young – Sympathy (Feat. Seo Youngeun)
Taemin – Soldier
Luna – Free Somebody
GFriend – Say My Name
Love X Stereo – Dead Beat Generation
EXO – Monster
BTS – Save ME
Singer/Songwriter Gingee – The Sun

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