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The Top 100 Korean Songs of 2017: Part 2

The countdown of the Top Korean songs of 2017 continues.

Read part 1 here & listen to a complete playlist on Apple Music.

50 EXO“Ko Ko Bop”

Release Date: 7/18/17
Genre: Dance

Maybe this song could have done with less flash during its exaggerated transitions, but then again SM Entertainment is known for throwing one accessory too many on its music. Regardless, EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” did the damn thing when it counted, propelled by some of the strongest singers in the game. – Arnold

49 Seohyun“Bad Love”

Release Date: 1/17/17
Genre: Dance

Dear Seohyun, my queen, I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. And to honor your underrated talent, here I am tossing you high marks on one of your most ferocious performances in years. “Bad Love” is out of this world, yet somehow keeps its composure like the classy woman that sings it. Thank you for silently killing the game. Here’s hoping more people recognize a true empress in 2018. Sincerely, a long-time fan. – Arnold

48 HA:TFELT“I Wander (ft. Gaeko)”

Release Date: 10/12/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Sometimes, it’s the simpler songs that come through with some of the strongest impressions for me and HA:TFELT’s “I Wander” did that for me this year. The harmonies, the badass flow, the smooth production – it all falls perfectly into place. – Arnold

47 SAAY“CIRCLE (ft. Tish Hyman)”

Release Date: 7/28/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

The ladies showed the hell out this year. There was zero chance of me leaving Saay off this list. Girl has a whole lot of hallelujah wrapped around that voice, and this collab with one of my new favorite artists was everything I needed. Two powerfully voiced women talking about getting it on? Sign me up… QUICKLY! – Cy

46 DEAN“Love (ft. Syd)”

Release Date: 5/19/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

I tried. I really did try to keep Dean off my list. But his collaboration with Syd was just too magical to deny. THe samba-inspired rhythm, straying from the new trend of moohmba-pop, ending with a smooth jazz finish. The way their vocals meshed, the now infamous “I’ll fuck you if you let me, baby.” This song was nothing less than perfection from start to finish. – Cy

45 MAMAMOO“Finally”

Release Date: 6/22/17
Genre: Dance

Mamamoo is pretty much synonymous with the vocal equivalent of eating too much cheesecake at this point, so finding this piece of fools gold pop was a breath of fresh air, both on Mamamoo’s end, and carefree pop’s end. – SplashofInspiration

44 KARD“Hola Hola”

Release Date: 7/19/17
Genre: Dance

If anyone was going to rule the trop-house sub-genre in 2017 it was going to be KARD and they nailed every beat drop and every hook with “Hola Hola.” It was a wrap for everyone else after that. – Arnold

43 SOMA“Midnight in Paris”

Release Date: 2/21/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Yet again, I was torn on which song to choose. This woman’s voice is just… it’s like melted hot caramel: salty-sweet and oh-so heavenly going down. Ultimately Midnight in Paris made the cut because if its layered completeness. – Cy

42 Huckleberry P“Human Torch (ft. G2)”

Release Date: 10/24/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

I’m totally here for a rock-infused rap anthem, especially one from Huckleberry P, whose bars bring as much punch as the rumbling instrumental on “Human Torch.” – Arnold

41 박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon)“Winter”

Release Date: 3/2/17
Genre: Ballad

What singer Park Hyo Shin is to masculine ballads, Park Ji Yoon is to feminine ballads for me. She reigns in the genre, and rightfully so, as her musical ear veers towards the sublime. Look no further than “Winter,” an icy song that is invigorated near its half-way point through the welcoming of a subtle trumpet interlude. – Arnold

40 millic“Paradise (ft. Fanxy Child)”

Release Date: 7/10/17
Genre: Electronica

millic is another HIGHGRND signee who has displayed a expertise in producing music in a way that brings out the best of the artist. “Paradise” features ’92 line Hip Hop crew, Fanxychild, made up of Zico, Dean, Crush and Penomeco. This crew has given us quite few collaborations in the last two years, and I knew more or less what to expect from them, but with this song millic was able to force out a show of versatility particularly from the rappers, Zico and Penomeco.

millic made me go beyond my “comfort zone,” and get exited by a different approach to Rap/Hip Hop, and now I am excited for more music, and more collaborations from him. – La Shauna

39 Wanna One“Energetic”

Release Date: 8/7/17
Genre: Dance

It took a while for Wanna One’s “Energetic” to work its magic on me. Truth be told, if it possessed a stronger chorus, it would hands-down be 20 slots higher on this list. As is, though, it’s still incredibly infectious. The vocal line is a damn force of nature and they don’t hold back from flexing every ounce of talent they have. – Arnold

38 Jessi“Gucci”

Release Date: 7/13/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Finally, Jessi, the Gangsta Queen of K-pop, comes into her own with this song. This is a go-to song when I’m feeling myself. – ethatwoman

37 Echae Kang“Sorry For Us”

Release Date: 7/21/17
Genre: Ballad

My love for Echae Kang and her fresh blend of contemporary and classical is no secret, and she came through again with her punchy “Sorry For Us.” It starts off with bursts of staccato in the instrumental, but as Kang lets her emotions flow, the song takes on a softness that is elevated through a gorgeous piano section. – Arnold

36 방탄소년단 (BTS)“Spring Day”

Release Date: 2/13/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Like BTS’ career in 2017, “Spring Day” soars with a fire that burns straight through to the very end. Each member offers compelling verses to savor, with V’s middle 8 being one of the prettiest things to come out of BTS this year. – Arnold

35 DIA“Darling My Sugar (L.U.B Version)”

Release Date: 5/27/16
Genre: Dance

I really have no idea how DIA even crossed my path with this song, but it sure as hell worked its magic on me. It’s all in the title: “Darling My Sugar” is a complete and utter sugar rush. – Arnold

34 MRSHLL“Circle”

Release Date: 6/27/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Let’s just put it out there: Anything that comes from the Feel Ghood Family is going to blow you away. With Tiger JK and Tasha at the helm, there’s nothing else to expect but classics. New family member MRSHLL has blasted through Korea’s music scene with a voice that will just…. *insert keyboard smash* And Circle had a hard piece of “Yes LAWD!” on it that had me gagging! – Cy

33 히피는 집시였다 (Hippy was Gipsy)“어여가자 (Let’s Go)”

Release Date: 6/12/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

I’m just gonna come out and say this song is disrespectful. The audacity of this group to sample from the elegant Nina Simone on their debut album and create such a feeling of heartache… I was left raw and exposed by the entire album. But Let’s Go was just too much. – Cy

32 TFO“Gold”

Release Date: 3/22/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Like I mentioned earlier this year: if you’re going to listen to TFO do it with the best speakers you own or in your car because his music is not for the weak. “Gold” will rattle your teeth, your feet and the ground you’re standing on. – Arnold

31 Hyukoh“Wanli”

Release Date: 4/24/17
Genre: Rock

Hyukoh’s “Wanli” is the type of anthem I like to keep on hand when I want to get hyped as fuck, throwing caution to the wind and probably downing a few. Scratch that: Very likely downing a few. – Arnold

30 SsingSsing“사시랭이소리 (Game Song)”

Release Date: 8/7/17
Genre: Rock

When SsingSsing released “사시랭이소리” I knew I’d be listening to it repeatedly. With such a high-energy chorus and a set of voices that demand you join the round, it’s pretty hard not to. – Arnold

29 Epik High“Lost One (ft. Kim Jong Wan)”

Release Date: 10/23/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Tablo’s rap speaks of wisdom, remembrance of loss, choices, and the paths we lead in life. Epik High truly did something wonderful this year. – ethatwoman

28 Taemin“Thirsty”*

Release Date: 11/10/17
Genre: R&B/Soul, Dance

This song actually fucked me ALL the way up. Taemin hasn’t ever actually affected me in any sort of way… not like this. Thirst is an understatement. All the true elements of modern R&B are there: power bass, sexy rhythm, sinful vocal variation. – Cy

Who the hell would have thought that the skinny, baby-faced maknae from the “Replay Noona” MV was gonna give us concepts, immaculate choreographies and a little sex nearly 10 years later? “Thirsty” excels in all the places that lead single, “Move,” fell short. It has bite, it has dimension, it’s a better listen. – La Shauna

*It’s worth noting that both versions of “Thirsty” were chosen: Cy, the original, and La Shauna, the off-sick concert version.

27 BIGBANG“에라 모르겠다 (FXXK IT)”

Release Date: 12/13/16
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

Nearly everything BIGBANG drops on us peasants is gold and this song is no different. It offers everything the group does best: sharp raps, interesting beats and some of the most infectious melodies you’ll ever hear. – Arnold

26 EXO“The Eve”

Release Date: 7/18/17
Genre: Dance

“The Eve” is great and it is everything you expect from EXO. The choreography of this song is the king here because those slow-motion thrusts would scramble the brains of any KPop addict. – ethatwoman

By far “The Eve” is one of EXO’s most sophisticated tracks, outperforming “Ko Ko Bop” by every measurable standard. It never once loses focus and if those damn D.O runs ever disappear I don’t know what I will do with my life. – Arnold

25 이달의 소녀 (LOONA)“new (Yves)”

Release Date: 11/28/17
Genre: Dance

“Eclipse” might have been the breakout song for Loona and their months-long pre-debut schedule, and it is not undeserving of such recognition. But “new” cuts it straight — a pop confectionery that spices things up with an atmospheric hard-hitting edge in the chorus. – SplashofInspiration

What Loona accomplished in 2017 without a debut is impressive. They’ve generated more credibility for their music in less time than what some groups have managed to gather in years. “new” alone is so multi-dimensional and marvelously performed that I don’t know what to expect when they all come together, sailor senshi style. – Arnold

24 Taeyeon“Fire”

Release Date: 2/28/17
Genre: Dance

My Voice feels like a lifetime ago at this point, despite making such an impact on me when it came out. It’s all I listened to for a good two weeks, Taeyeon’s voice taking me up and down an ocean of experiences I’ve never once laid eyes on as I walked to class everyday. There are more interesting songs on the album, like “Eraser,” “I’m OK,” “Cover Up,” and one of my personal favorites, “Love in Color.” “Fire” though, was the blanket I hid under when I didn’t want to face anything outside my walls. The chorus soars like in “Feel So Fine” without the tacky “oh! oh!” structure (but trust me, I love this song too), and manages to relax into the song’s namesake “you’re the fire.” The real seller? The ad-lib as she sings “끝났어 모든 게.” Warmth, loneliness, and desperation, in one four-second package. – SplashofInspiration

23 BewhY“Red Carpet”

Release Date: 9/17/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

BewhY’s crisp attack in his verses and tight productions are at this point pretty hard to top, especially when it all gels as smoothly as it does on “Red Carpet.” This song has an energizing ferocity in its DNA that BewhY makes sure to utilize in all the key moments of the song. Its climax alone is frighteningly blissful. – Arnold

22 Sunmi“Gashina”

Release Date: 8/22/17
Genre: Dance

Sunmi’s “Gashina” is a subtle banger that leaves no stone unturned. It builds with so many layered bells and whistles, you’ll be left exhausted by its explosive ending. – Arnold

21 TEN“Dream in a Dream”

Release Date: 4/7/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

There wasn’t a song that put me in as nearly a chill mood as the sublime “Dream in a Dream” by NCT’s TEN. SM found an unexpected unity in the ethereal instrumental, TEN’s delicate vocals and the striking visuals that left a breathtaking impression. – Arnold

20 CODE KUNST“Fire Water (ft. G.Soul & Tablo)”

Release Date: 2/28/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

G. Soul used his time as a JYP trainee wisely, because he is the definition of soul. He has to be the most underrated artist in the Korean music industry. – ethatwoman

“Fire Water” is the collaboration I never knew I needed. Code Kunst shows off his prowess in producing music with this track. It utilizes everything that is wonderful about G.Soul’s voice and relies on Tablo to create a balance using rap while still maintaining the integrity of the song. – La Shauna

19 EXID“Boy”

Release Date: 4/10/17
Genre: Dance

I’ve felt that ever since EXID shot to superstardom under LE’s (fine, and Shinsadong Tiger’s) pen, LE has struggled to find a musical identity that isn’t defined by a certain set of rigid motifs as opposed to embodying a broader style. With “Boy,” she doesn’t seem like she’s trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and lets the song take itself where it wants to. The result? One of the top songs of the year. You can still hear some of the melodic motifs that LE loves, but this time, the motifs don’t own her, she owns them. – SplashofInspiration

18 Subin“동그라미의 꿈 (Circle’s Dream)”

Release Date: 2/23/17
Genre: Ballad

Dal Shabet’s Subin has reignited in me the desire to give artists a chance when they go solo. My biggest peeve about members from boy band/girl groups going solo is that they often give us a reiteration of what we hear from them in their groups, which renders their work redundant and something to pass on.

With her album (of the same name) Subin has broken free from that cycle. She takes a huge leap from her group’s usual super-busy, overstimulating numbers to mellow, understated displays of talent; the best of which is title song, “Circle’s Dream.” – La Shauna

Subin’s “Circle’s Dream” is reminiscent of Feist, and like much of Feist’s back catalog succeeds at connecting the heart to the body through delightful exchanges of sweet melodies and intriguing vocal inflections. Subin has a strong singing voice but she’s wise about when to let it blow through you with its potency. – Arnold

17 Dreamcatcher“Chase Me”

Release Date: 1/13/17
Genre: Rock

Dreamcatcher is a group that has been relentless in its journey to let the world know they’ve got everything it takes to slay the game, and rightly so as their violently ambitious “Chase Me” is equal parts mayhem and astonishing musical genius. – Arnold

16 G-DRAGON“Untitled, 2014”

Release Date: 6/8/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

G-DRAGON rarely goes soft on us, but this delicate number showed us a different side of the artist. It’s raw and vulnerable, two things that are hard to come by in K-pop. – Arnold

15 이승열 (Yi Sung Yol)“지나간다 (Jinaganda)”

Release Date: 6/30/17
Genre: Rock

I love a song that takes its time telling a story and I feel like that’s the magic behind Yi Sung Yol’s “Jinaganda.” The guitar riffs, drum kit and gradual layers of piano and hazy synths transport the listening experience from this world to a completely different universe. – Arnold

14 Taeyang“Darling”

Release Date: 8/16/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Taeyang delivered the best album of the year when he released White Night, so it was a real struggle to pick one and not just give the whole list to him.

However, what makes “Darling” the best of the best is that this was the song that displayed Taeyang’s vocal prowess better than any song he has ever done. I thought “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was Taeyang in peak form — no, that’s “Darling.” “Darling” is bare and leaves no room for errors (and when I saw him live this year there were none) and it’s the ultimate reminder that Taeyang is the best at what he does. – La Shauna

13 Red Velvet“봐 (Look)”

Release Date: 11/17/17
Genre: Dance

2017 truly became the year of Red Velvet, mostly because they’ve pulled off one of the most remarkable musical evolutions over a span of a year that I’ve seen in K-pop. Out of an incredibly diverse and memorable discography of merely 10 months, it’s hard to pick one song to be the best of the lot. So we have the next best thing instead—a song that brings out what I think the essence of Red Velvet: “봐 (Look).”

The groove of the synths may be minimalist, but paired with Red Velvet’s feminine mystique, I’m sent back to an era I never lived in. The song takes advantage of Red Velvet’s vocal strengths: at its core, deep and rich, delicately complimented by an overlay of melodic mist. Even after what feels like a thousand listens, I still get chills from the entrance into the second verse—a whisper in the ear, a cloud of air from the gasp, a deep rumble, finished off by a sigh. It’s refined seduction. You almost forget you were being charmed as you dance into the night.

Oh, “I like that,” indeed. – SplashofInspiration

12 데카당 (Decadent)“A”

Release Date: 5/4/17
Genre: Rock

Not since IAMNOT have I heard such raw blues come out of South Korea. This took all the elements of the modern variation of the genre and added a layer of elegance that not many can pull off without coming off trite or saccharine. Lush and unapologetically romantic, a true love song. – Cy

11 Taemin“MOVE”

Release Date: 10/16/17
Genre: R&B/Soul, Dance

Androgynist, sensuality and soul-tingling melodies are the only words for Taemin. Damn, he was so good he released multiple versions of the same song, and we loved every one of them. – ethatwoman

Taemin’s rise as from “the dancer” to “singer who dances” is pretty much legend at this point. That said, it has been very difficult to buy him as a true vocalist over most of his work. There’s a difference between having a trained voice and voice which crafts a story. In many ways, he’s defined himself by posturing. He pulls it off — Michael Jackson callbacks notwithstanding.

Yet “MOVE” is the first time I’ve seen him attempt to change the narrative. Taemin finally meets the strength of songwriting at the middle with his vocal perspective, and the top-notch production frames instead of being the crutch. It’s imperfect, of course, with clipped phrasing and overzealous delivery of the middle eight and a few ad-libs. What is clear, however, is that his voice recapitulates the languid, sensual, songwriting, which in turn is recapitulated in a androgynous, soulful dance performance. Above all else, it’s him. I believe him this time. – SplashofInspiration

10 Taeyang“Wake Me Up”

Release Date: 8/16/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Youngbae switched from boyfriend to husband with this gorgeous pledge of love. Best lyric of the year: “If there ain’t nobody but you in my head, don’t wake me up.” – ethatwoman

Like many, when an album was good, deciding on one song (sometimes two) off it to throw in a best-of list was a challenge and it’s fair to say that the album Taeyang released this year made that process even harder. In the end, “Wake Me Up” was just so magnificently grand and made such a powerful statement that I caved into its demanding aural nods of greatness. – Arnold

09 BewhY“Wright Brothers (ft. C Jamm)”

Release Date: 9/17/17
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop

BewhY continued his high from winning SMTM5 in 2016 with the release of a collaboration with BIG K.R.I.T, a few singles and the album The Blind Star, which brings us to “Wright Brothers.”

“Wright Brothers” is classically BewhY and a testament to his strong faith, the camaraderie and synergy between him and CJamm, and Gray’s knack for producing.

Named for the brothers who invented and flew the first successful plane, the instrumental translates the sense of flying impeccably through the slightly subdued, but forceful baseline and the airy melody. BewhY and CJamm are openly devout Christians and as they allow their flow to work with the melody they position themselves as the ones in flight. Which strengthens the overarching metaphor of this song. – La Shauna

08 Red Velvet“Rookie”

Release Date: 2/1/17
Genre: Dance

Perhaps one of Red Velvet’s strongest singles ever, yet the one that irks people the most. Is it its groovy retrograded instrumental that sparks with a fierce blend of brass and a mighty bass line? Maybe its the killer vocals, manipulated and exaggerated to insane kitsch levels? Or is it that goddamn hook, a hook so infuriatingly memorable it’s difficult to erase from your short-term memory? Whatever the case may be, here it is at a comfortable No. 8 spot. – Arnold

07 IU“Palette (ft. G-DRAGON)”

Release Date: 4/21/17
Genre: Ballad

This song is every bit an ambitious piece of art as it is an exercise in vanity. I’ve always loved IU’s voice, especially the way it relaxes over your shoulder in comfort for mere moments before it drifts away. What makes “Palette” so amazing, however, isn’t merely her voice, and it’s certainly not the self-congratulatory lyrics. It’s the production; the silent framework that pulls together instrumental around the vocals. I love how the ad-libs belong to the instrumental as much as IU and the backing vocals, the way every instrumental component feels like it’s tiptoeing when ascending scales, the ticking clock that grounds the whimsical, the nonchalant drums…need I really say more? – SplashofInspiration

06 호와호 (howaho)“두 개의 창 (Two Windows)”

Release Date: 7/328/17
Genre: Electronica

Howaho’s “Two Windows” isn’t in a rush to hit you over the head with anything remotely tangible – but instead with an intensity so profoundly meditative that you’ll feel yourself lifted off the ground by the time they decide to experiment a little with the instrumental. – Arnold

05 G.Soul“Circles”

Release Date: 9/7/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

By far the most emotive song in his repertoire. G.soul blasts through the speakers with that voice, all that passion. Perhaps the song of the year for me from one of my top 3 albums of the year. – Cy

G.Soul not only possesses an impressive vocal range but emits one of the most unique timbres heard on this planet. “Circles” transmits so much emotion and is so tightly composed that it overwhelms the senses. – Arnold

04 Fromm“Our Night”

Release Date: 5/31/17
Genre: Ballad

Fromm takes us by the hand through the countryside in “Our Night,” a warm and atmospheric ballad that is artfully comforting. It manages to find a sense of stillness in its romantic rock composition. – Arnold

03 3rd Line Butterfly“Ex-Life”

Release Date: 1/6/17
Genre: Rock

“Ex-Life” is fantastic because it kicks off in a solid realm of electronic rock, but soon into its chorus blasts right through with a ferocity that kills. Around the 2:30 mark, the vocal line disappears and you’re left waiting for an extended bar before 3rd Line Butterfly jumps back in to bring the whole thing home. – Arnold

02 Hyukoh“Tomboy”

Release Date: 4/24/17
Genre: Rock

I have to admit, it was tough picking just one song from Hyukoh. 23 was one of the most gorgeously sweeping albums of 2017, let alone coming out of Korea. The band has a synergy unlike any other, and it showed with great depth and clarity with this song. – Cy

Perhaps one of this year’s most euphoric albums, 23 delivered leaps and bounds beyond my expectations, spearheaded by the heavy-hearted “Tomboy.” A song that speaks to the lost ones out there and delivered with just enough soul and grace to resonate. – Arnold

01 Jinbo“말하자면 (ft. Crush & Hoody)”

Release Date: 6/16/17
Genre: R&B/Soul

Jinbo (“the SuperFreak” to some of you) has been around for a while; my first encounter with the dude was back in 2012 when he released his reimagined version of SNSD’s “Gee” titled “Damn” and his mixtape KRNB on bandcamp later in 2013. Since then Jinbo’s movements have been few and far between. That is until 2017, when he began trickling music for his new project, KRNB2.

Much like the first version, KRNB2 sets out to reinterpret popular hits from distant and not-so-distant memories (he covered TWICE’s “TT” early in the year); only this time he’s doing it with the cream of the crop of Korea’s R&B music scene by his side. His work on “말하자면” featuring Crush and Hoody is perhaps not the strongest output of them so far, but it sure is the most memorable.

“말하자면” pays homage to the late Kim Sung-jae by turning his one and only 90s hit into an absolutely magical contemporary masterpiece. The vocals liquify under a coating of smooth processing, propelled by the original melody of the song. What comes out is a soulful production from Jinbo that speaks to the effort he’s put into polishing his craft and to the quality of music to expect in 2018.

7 comments on “The Top 100 Korean Songs of 2017: Part 2

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  2. Xiah Jang

    This list is incredible! Very diverse and as a person who explores almost all genres, I give you two thumbs up! But seriously tho, I expected hyukoh’s tomboy sitting on #1 but thanks to you, I’ll have much fun looking up for the other artists I haven’t heard of! Thank you for creating such list!


    • Thanks! Tomboy was very close to landing at No. 1, but I knew I wanted the top song to be highly reflective of the past year, and 2017 was arguably R&B’s strongest in a very, very long time. This goes for all of the top 10 songs tbh; each song touches on an aspect of Korean music that points back at all the musical triumphs of the last 12 months as well as move each genre forward to what lies ahead. At least that’s my way of organizing it anyway. :)


  3. Really diverse list! Thanks for doing this!


  4. Not gonna lie, I thought Tomboy was gonna pull it out in the end. But now I’ve got so many new artists to look up!

    This was so much fun to put together with you. Thank you for letting me be a part of it ^^


    • Tomboy was THIS close to taking it!

      Thank you a million times again for joining me on this! It was so much fun and I discovered a lot of music I had little to no idea existed. <333


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