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An Annotated Listening: “코끼리 (Feat. Rap Monster)” by Gaeko

Gaeko and Rap Monster motivate you to face your fears.


+ Rapper Gaeko returned with single “코끼리 (Elephant/Gajah)” featuring Rap Monster of Bangtan Boys on April 5th, his first solo release in the three years since his solo debut album, REDINGRAY.

Set to a bluesy instrumental, Gaeko and Rap Monster not only lament the hardships of life but provide motivation for their listeners to look past the sad parts of life, push past the struggles and trample over them with “elephant steps.”

Gaeko unfailingly stands out time and time again for his impeccable flow. He is capable of perfectly adapting to the songs and artists he works with whether it be with Dynamic Duo, his own songs or a feature. This ability can sometimes overshadow the artists he works with.

Rap Monster, however, shines in “Gajah.” This song is yet another venue in which Rap Monster has broken down the stigma/stereotype of the idol rapper. Despite being relatively new and an idol, he is able to hold his own next to veteran rapper Gaeko and never allows himself to be overshadowed. The two flawlessly bounce back and forth between their respective verses allowing each rapper and their skills to stand out.

The one misstep in the song is at the end when the song suddenly ends and fades into a different, slower beat. This song is a pre-release for Gaeko’s upcoming album, set to be released later this month, and perhaps this instrumental change will lead into another song on the album, but as a stand alone single this transition is jarring and disrupts what was a pretty perfect track.

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop  | Release: 04/05/2017

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