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An Annotated Listening: “Coloring Book” by OH MY GIRL

OH MY GIRL's newest single is the upbeat anthem you've been waiting for this season.


“컬러링북 (Coloring Book)” [3:05]

+ If you’ve been itching for upbeat and downright addicting music, then OH MY GIRL might just have the remedy you’re looking for. Their new single, titled “컬러링북 (Coloring Book),” has its head high in the clouds as it finds an exciting new form to channel OH MY GIRL’s charming qualities.

OH MY GIRL’s music hasn’t been afraid to dip its toes into various styles; from the elegant and enchanting (“Closer”) to bouncier productions  (“Windy Day”) — their team has been effective in striking a balance between catchy pop music and eclectic editing. And for the most part, “Coloring Book” is no different.

“Coloring Book” returns OH MY GIRL back to a big and energizing sound similar to the notable singles “Cupid” and “A-ing”. These songs heavily featured brass and rumbling band elements as their framework and “Coloring Book” accomplishes pretty much the same thing. Only this time it seems they’ve taken strong cues from another girl group. No, not Red Velvet, but Britain’s Little Mix.

Much like OH MY GIRL, Little Mix is known for exploring interesting arrangements in their music. One of their debut singles, “Wings,” stood out for its old school and larger-than-life production that featured tons of horns and a whole lot of attitude. OH MY GIRL’s “Coloring Book” is easily the closest sounding thing to “Wings” you could think of, as it takes you right back to that high-energy anthem; horns, drums, the whole shebang. It’s a heart-racing song through and through and delivers its most exciting bits during the second verse into an uplifting middle eight.

In Short: OH MY GIRL’s “Coloring Book” lives up to its name. It’s a song filled with a vibrancy that only exists through the group’s colorful voices and energetic performance.

Genre: Dance | Release Date: 4/3/17

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