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Quick Takes: Conan Gray Writes “Comfort Crowd” For All Us Lonely Folk

Loneliness sucks, man.

One of my favorite things about Conan Gray’s music is that he portrays angst and young adult turmoil with an accuracy that hits close to home.

“This hurt that I’m holding’s getting heavy,
but imma keep a smile on my shoulders till I’m sweaty,
begging on my knees screaming someone come and help me,
but by the time they’re there I’ve already hid the body.”

Conan doesn’t shy away from gruesome imagery when he’s singing about his feelings — his previous single “Checkmate” was quite the doozy — and that’s what makes “Comfort Crowd” easy to relate to. The song is a moody mid-tempo that speaks to the loneliness we endure when we’re out in the world on our own. If you’re lucky enough to have close friends, so close you can be awkward as eff together, then you’ll understand how hard it is sometimes when they’re not around.

Conan depicts this further in his music video by carrying his dead body around, attempting to coexist with himself, but finding little meaning alone. As someone who spends a shitload of time by himself, even I seek the comfort of my friends when being alone starts morphing into uncomfortable loneliness.

‘Quick Takes’ is a new feature I’m using to share quick thoughts on recent music releases and pop culture shenanigans. If I’m going to start blogging again, I have to start somewhere, right?

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