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Jackson attending the AMAs was another sweet moment for K-pop this year

In case you missed it!

The Hallyu wave has firmly taken hold in America.

BTS has been the hot ticket for K-pop in this new front for musical supremacy from their Billboard Award show appearance, and most recently Sunday night’s performance at the American Music Awards. But in case you missed it, BTS was not the only representative of K-pop at the awards show. Jackson (Wang Jia Er) from GOT7 was there as well. He is a Chief Meow Officer for Tmall Global. In this position, Jackson is a cultural ambassador who explores lifestyle and product trends around the world for Tmall Global, a Chinese company that is in pursuit of e-commerce heights for Chinese consumers and the world market.

Jackson was the standout choice for this position because of his charisma, which has exploded globally from his first single, Papillion,” that he released earlier this year. It was promoted by his bandmates, World Star Hip Hop, and Viral Superstar King Bach to be the next international phase of K-pop. He followed this launch with a performance at the Asian Music Awards. Additionally, Jackson went on to show his global appeal with his appearance at the European Music Awards, earlier this month, where he trended as “the hot Asian guy by Liam.” He was at this awards show as an ambassador for the Greater China Region.

The AMA’s was a new platform for Jackson to glow. Jackson wore a Dior suit with the Tmall Global mascot peaking from his breast pocket. He looked was as yummy as he always does representing his fellow hot Asian guys. He posted pictures with Desiigner and other attendees of the awards show. It was nice to see him with RM (Rap Monster) of BTS, again. You can see that the friendship between the two is true and genuine.

Jackson is bringing an asset that is appealing to millions and he is quickly becoming China’s favorite son.  I can’t wait to see the result of this partnership because he is blazing a trail from Asia that the whole world will have no choice in recognizing. He will use this experience to elevate GOT7 and one day grace the stage of the AMA’s himself. You wait and see.

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