An Annotated Listening Review

An Annotated Listening: “Wi-Fi” by Yoon Jong Shin x ZICO

With the help of ZICO, Yoon Jong Shin's "Wi-Fi" explores love in this new, modern digital world.

2017 월간 윤종신 2월호

+ “Wi-Fi” is the February 2017 release in Yoon Jong Shin‘s seven year endeavor, Monthly Project, in which he releases one song every month. For the most part Yoon Jong Shin’s releases fly under he radar for me, but every so often he gets lucky and we get a gem.

Obviously, and I won’t even try to hide it, but what drew me to this release was the featured artist of the month, Block B‘s ZICO. However, Yoon Jong Shin has been around in the industry for a long time (since the 90s) and he is the owner/co-founder of Mystic89, the label behind Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon, Ga In, and more, so he knows music and he knows entertainment. His songs, however, often times sound like filler tracks.

“Wi-Fi” was creative and witty. It was deliberate with its exploration of love in this new modern digital world. To have the song “short out” throughout to imitate what you hear when trying to listen to music on bad wifi, but also to convey the shakiness and unreliable nature of the relationship in the song was brilliantly blatant.

Surprisingly, while ZICO got the job done and delivered an okay verse for the song, I was disappointed by how very monotone it was. He did very little to add to the emotion of the song and I wish he had explored his range a bit more and not been so generic.

“Wi-Fi” is just a great listen and a great addition to your playlists.

Genre: Ballad | Release Date: 2/24/17

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