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Is This How You Fashion in K-Pop? 2016 Male Edition

Boy you better work!

This year, the men’s fashion in K-Pop has had me utterly shook. Below is a handful of fashion looks, trends, and items in K-Pop that have caught my eye and I let you know whether I’d adopt any of them into my wardrobe. Because lord knows K-Pop has a way of influencing us to try out some of this shit.

The long-sleeve underneath a short-sleeve combo

The last time I remember seeing this look was on myself about 17 years ago. I didn’t expect to see this trend back in fashion in such a big way but considering that a 90’s revival is in full swing and that K-Pop likes to go there, I shouldn’t even be surprised.

The likelihood that I’ll wear it: I’m from Texas where it’s hot as fuck 24/7 and where one layer of clothing too many will kill you. However, now that cooler(ish) weather is on the way, I wouldn’t mind trying this trend out in place of throwing on a sweater. I can wrap a cute scarf around myself and be done with it.

All of the denim

Distressed, cut-up, mixed – ALL OF IT. Denim came back a couple years ago, but this year it pushed the goddamn envelope. We’ve seen it layered on itself, torn to shreds, and manufactured as stretch or “flex” for you lazy fucks to feel comfortable in. If you like denim, 2016 has been your year, and K-Pop has provided more than enough examples of how to rock the hell out of it in style.

The likelihood that I’ll wear it: I love denim, so there’s no question here. I’m wearing it two different ways as I write this for fuck’s sake. So if you’re a guy, go out and buy yourself a nice denim jacket. It will elevate your everyday look tremendously.

Souvenir or ‘sukajan’ jackets

This year, the jacket stepped up its game. This silky, embroidered number is again a clear retro trend that has dominated this year, and it’s not hard to see why. It looks dope as fuck no matter who’s wearing it. The souvenir jacket in this varsity-style is a statement piece for sure, and though it’s not as wearable in an everyday sense like the popular bomber and military jackets, the “sukajan” carries so much more personality.

The likelihood that I’ll wear it: I say yes. I think having at least one jacket in this style will spice up any guy’s wardrobe. The style of it is flattering on any body shape and the details on the front and back add a touch of sophistication that brings together that streetwear edge.

Extra-long sleeves, a.k.a the disappearing hands

Now you see them, now you don’t. K-Pop hands are disappearing folks and it’s all thanks to extra-long-sleeved shirts and huge cuffs. The look is everywhere this year, especially in the Korean hip-hop community. Loose-fitting garments continue to rise in popularity to the point where we’re hardly seeing any skin at all with the exception of artists’ pretty faces (though now that turtlenecks are in season that’s changing, too).

The likelihood that I’ll wear it: I like the oversized look and I wear it often, but a lot of fabric around my hands just looks silly and can get uncomfortable. I like to roll up my sleeves mainly because it gets so hot where I live, so I can’t say I see myself going the distance with this look. I think the only time this trend would come in handy for me is in the winter during sweater weather. Other than that, I want to be able to see my hands so I don’t run the risk of dipping my clothes into my food.

High-waisted pants

The waistlines on men (and women) have been rising higher over the years and I think we’ve finally hit a sweet spot. This year, K-Pop idols have been sporting high-waisted pants and trousers more frequently and making it work. The benefit of a high-waisted pant is that it elongates your legs. For idols of shorter stature, this helps create a taller appearance, something that comes in handy given that they’re viewed mainly via TV and photographs.

The likelihood that I’ll wear it: I have funky proportions; broad shoulders, a long torso, and long arms. So what I do is make sure my pants cut me right above my hip to achieve the illusion that I have long legs as well. It’s just a flattering look overall and it comes across like you know how to dress yourself. Pants don’t have to be necessarily “high-waisted” because guys can just find pants with longer lengths and wear them a tad higher on the waist to pull this off.

What other Korean trends have you seen dominate the backs of male idols this year? Share some of your favorites in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow Is This How You K-Pop? on Twitter @ITHYKPop (and me personally at @hey_arrrrnold), as well as Like my page on Facebook for updates and a clutter of K-Pop nonsense! You know you want to.

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