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Let’s Talk: ASMR with YouTuber and ASMRtist ‘Knight’

A couple months ago, YouTuber Hee-Chang Yang notified his subscribers that he was going to change his channel name from “Snoopy ASMR” to avoid confusion with another vlogger’s moniker. After pitching several suggestions to his viewers, Mr. Yang eventually settled on what could be considered the most clever ASMR name in the YouTubeverse: Knight ASMR.

Today, Hee-Chang Yang embraces his knighthood in full, opening every new ASMR video with a valiant declaration to “protect you from bad dreams.” As an ASMRtist, the pun’s context is too perfect.

I recently reached out to the Knight himself as a part of this week’s ASMR theme to find out a little more about his process as an ASMR creator, some of his favorite triggers, and how he got into making ASMR videos in the first place.

How did you first find out about ASMR videos?

Knight: One of my friends had watched ASMR videos while suffering from insomnia, and he recommended I start making ASMR videos. He told me that my voice is greatly matched with ASMR videos.

What was your reaction when you first experienced ASMR?

Knight: At that time when I first saw ASMR videos, [I thought] “Oh, what is it?”, but as I watched them more and more, I could find out the attractions of ASMR sounds. So from then I started to like listening to them.

What made you decide to start an ASMR channel on YouTube?

Knight: Um.. In fact, I’ve wanted to be a YouTube creator. I wanted to be a very popular, global creator. So I was looking for some nice video content, and as I told you, I found out that ASMR videos really fit me. I think it is such fabulous work to do, doing things I like while helping people (such as those who suffer from insomnia).

Describe the process of creating an ASMR video.

Knight: I think the most important thing in making ASMR videos is ‘to be natural’. So I prefer not to cut them in the middle and edit. I want them to be shot right at once :) I turn on the web cam and mic, finding the best condition to catch great sounds, taking several test videos, and then finally make the main video. After making them, if the sounds taken are worse than I thought, I almost feel like crying and then sometimes make one more video. T-T

Where do you draw inspiration for your content?

Knight: I draw inspiration for my ASMR sounds in various ways. I try to make almost all the sounds that my subscribers and viewers suggest, or on the other hand, I experiment to make new sounds at my afreeca TV, my ‘live’ channel (I can get  real-time feedback there.); … tapping, bumping, and crinkling stuff… :D once I find a good one, I apply it to youtube ASMR videos!

How long does a video usually take you to record and edit?

Knight: As I told you, I prefer not to edit videos, so not that much time is needed. However, hello-greetings and introductions of the videos take some time. (I think this part is important.) Roughly, it takes 1hour(min) to 5hours(max).

Are there certain things that you think make an ASMR video better – like the type of mic you use or the space you record in?

Knight: I want my videos to be ‘natural’, so I do not eliminate all the noises if they aren’t that disturbing. Also, I prefer to make a video at once, and basically like to take it at quiet and calm places.

What are some of your favorite techniques in triggering ASMR?

Knight: My favorites are tapping and crinkling sounds, but many of my subscribers and viewers like role-play videos. I am too shy to make them, but I try my best.

Who are some of your favorite ASMR YouTubers? What is it about them that makes their videos unique?

Knight: I like ‘RaffyTaphy‘, ‘MINWOO‘, and ‘SORIMINAM‘, but I don’t really listen to other creators’ ASMR sounds because I’m afraid our content will overlap. RaffyTaphy, for example, makes honest-sounding ASMR videos, and the tapping sounds from his big hands are great. Soriminam’s videos are well-made by charming visual effects and he tries various ways to find good ASMR sounds. MINWOO usually does role-play. His ideas are really neat and he communicates with subscribers well.

Find these videos and more on Hee-Chang Yang’s YouTube channel, Knight ASMR, and catch him live when you can on his broadcasting station on Afreeka TV! For more on my obsession with ASMR, read my blog post “Send Help: I Have Fallen Into a Rabbit Hole of ASMR”, as well as all my other crap.

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