SXSW ’16 Goods

SXSW 2016 went hard.

Hey, everyone! It’s been a while.

In case you missed it, I covered South By Southwest this year for the best website in the world Asian Junkie, and I have to say I think this was the best one I’ve been to in the five years I’ve done this. It was loads of fun doing all the SXSW-y things, including but not limited to: drinking all of the free booze, putting in thousands upon thousands upon thousands of steps, drowning in my own tears looking for parking, drowning in my own tears paying for parking, and oh so much more!

Here is everything I covered!:

I tossed some questions at Victim Mentality prior to their SXSW arrival and they provided hilarious answers in return.

My luck lead me to the wonderful De De Mouse and batshit-crazy Wednesday Campanella, whom served me my life and existence on a sliver platter.

A ton of networking-slash socializing occurred at K-Pop Night Out.

Day 3 of southby was relatively calm. I caught Jambinai and Vismajor Company (Deepflow, Nucksal, and Don Mills), which made for an interesting night of music.

The next day I cried like a bitch at the “We Are X” documentary screening, which was followed by a performance by Yoshiki literally 15 feet away from me. You know, no big deal.

Ended SXSW in style watching WagakkiBand bring down the motha fucking house like I’ve never seen before. Legit one of the best shows ever.

ps: I did catch Seoulsonic this year, which was pretty alright-ish. The reason I didn’t write an official recap about it is because I missed too many bits and pieces of the showcase while catching other things that, honestly, gave me a lot more solid material to write about. That’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable, because I had a good time. I just wasn’t particularly inspired by it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other highlights include:

Breathing the same air as Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, and FLOTUS herself. Wuuuut.

Having an intimate moment with R2D2.

Riding on the Mr. Robot Ferris wheel in the middle of a busy downtown Austin.


I’m hoping to do this again next year, and if the opportunity presents itself, I’d love to have someone there to help me next time. Y’all don’t even understand how stressful covering an event of this magnitude can be alone. And with some of the rumors flying around about who may or may not be performing in 2017, I’mma really need an extra set of hands to keep my shit together.

See ya soon!

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