Bonus: Some More of My Honorable Mentions of 2015


I know I posted My Honorable Mentions list a few weeks ago, but I figured I’d give you guys something extra to enjoy before the year is over. Below are some bonus cuts that I couldn’t squeeze into My Top Korean Songs of 2015 (here’s Parts 1 and 2, if you missed it!), but that still deserve to be recognized all the same.

Cheers, and I’ll see you soon!

Hug Me,” by JiHwan of 2BiC

If you’re not familiar with contemporary vocal duo 2BiC, then let me do half the work by introducing you to JiHwan. *points to video* He’s totally great, right? Now I’ll leave it up to you to discover the rest.

Love Me Right,” by EXO

Everyone sounds amazing on this single. The line distribution on this is probably one of my favorites. Yet, there’s not enough Chen. What the eff?

ps: I still don’t get this MV.

Congratulations,” by Day6

The chorus in this song is one of the prettiest to come out of K-Pop this year. What I didn’t care for, though, was the rap section. I could have really done without it.

Love Sick,” by SHINee

SHINee came for my heart this year. Hands down, one of my favorite SHINee songs in the history of SHINee songs.

nore1,” by Yi Sung Yol

Yi Sung Yol’s singing is up there for me. He doesn’t have to try to tug at my heart strings. It’s a complete surrender for me when I listen to his music. Like, I literally bawled my eyes out for a good 25 minutes when they played “Fly” at the end of last year’s smash hit drama Misaeng. If you watched it, you understand what I mean.

Anyway, here’s “nore1,” yet another beautifully crafted release from Yi Sung Yol.

Stage,” by The Solutions

The Solutions have quickly become one of my favorite bands as of my comeback this year. Their music puts me in a really great mood. Every time, without fail. Here’s “Stage,” the song that almost beat “Love You Dear” for a spot on my Top 50 list.

All Day (Feat. Tablo),” by Genius Nochang

Wasn’t expecting a song like this from Genius Nochang. Then again, I never quite know what to expect from him.

Downtown Love (Feat. Mad Clown & Whale),” by Jooyoung

Jooyoung! I love this dude. And I love this song. I wish he would release one last full album before his enlistment – information which he dropped on everyone without notice – because I’d scoop that shit up in a heartbeat.

Also, I’m happy to hear Whale doing things again.

Lean On Me,” by SoYou & Kwon Jeong Yeol

SoYou knows how to pick ’em. She’s been slaying OST’s and duets like a boss the last couple years, which I think may or may not be helping me warm up to her over SISTAR’s lead vocalist whose name shall not be mentioned here.

Get it, girl.

Pretty Girl,” by Mayson The Soul

If you’re a fan of Oh Hyuk, then you should give Mayson The Soul a listen. Hell, go listen to “Bushwick.” Oh Hyuk’s on it.

Run Away,” by Royal Pirates

I was never that interested in Royal Pirates. That is, until they released this gem. It’s dramatic and lowkey gorgeous.

Hello Bitches,” by CL

CL has a way of being utterly regal and ratchet af at the same time, and I really need her to teach me how she does it. Because I can’t seem to get it right.

Rude Love,” by f(x)

“4Walls” the album was such a disappointment for me, and I wish I clicked with it like a lot of other writers did, because I’m not hearing it. Luckily for me, and knowing how f(x) albums go, there’s always at least a few keepers in their annual releases, and “Rude Love” happened to be one of them. Luna sounds amazing on this track, per usual. And Amber continues to impress, pitching in to the vocal line-up more and more with every album release.

Here’s to a stronger effort in 2016, girls!

Just Right,” by GOT7

I love this song. It’s so cute and it marks the turning point in my obsession with GOT7. I didn’t acknowledge my fondness for these guys very much until they went and made me fall in love with their irresistible charms this year. Now, it’s almost embarrassing how much I spazz over them. OTL

0 (Young),” by Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung & NO.MERCY

I though this was a cool project song from Starship’s NO.MERCY survival show that aired in the Spring. Most of the featured NO.MERCY guys in this jam went on to become part of Starship’s new boy band, Monsta X. I can’t say I’m crazy about them yet, but I think this particular track is still holding me through in hopes for a great 2016 for the group.

October Rain,” by 10cm

Honestly, I completely looked over this song. If I had come across this earlier, I think it would have ranked way up there on my best-of list.

I fell in love with 10cm wayyy back in the day. To hear them back, albeit briefly with this gut-wrenching ballad, brings back an ocean of memories of the impact they had on me during my McRoth’s Residence days. “October Rain” is so unmistakably 10cm. The bridge is airy and emotionally engrossing, and forget about tissues. This thing requires rolls of paper to get through. It’s just a gorgeous piece of work and I really hope it points to a full-fledged return to the music scene next year, because I could go for some 10cm right about now.

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